Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vintage Christmas Collection

Every year I look forward to opening the boxes that contain my vintage christmas decorations. I have been collecting vintage items since I was a child, going to garage sales and flea markets with my mom and sisters was always a fun weekend activity. I had a fresh tree in my own bedroom every year and decorated my tree and room myself. I have continued to add to this collection through out the years and James has gifted me with some wonderful new pieces over the past few years. I especially love the pieces that are still in their original packaging. There have been some wonderful reproductions made of vintage items but for me there is still something magical about knowing how long these little treasures have been around and feeling that others hands and hearts have found joy in holding them.~Jacque 


Sue said...

I love when I get my totes down out of the garage and look at all my little vintage Christmas stuff. That is truly one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Thanks for reminding me, and by the way, you've got some AWESOME stuff in that photo! Take care.

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh my, you've got alot of really wonderful vintage Christmas things! I love all of that stuff so much, and it reminds me of all the great Christmases I had as a child!
Merry Christmas!

RustyClover said...

rah rah for to true vintage! the history and the stories that these ould love to see your colection in person sometime1 Katy

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hi, so glad I found your blog today. Wow, what a great collection of vintage Christmas. I just love everything! The graphics on the old boxes are so wonderful as well.
Have a joyful season!


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