Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Iron Fungi

We like mushrooms. James makes these iron ones, perfect to add to any garden and especially to a fairy garden. He free hand cuts them so they are all unique. We have went on mushroom hikes in the woods with an organized group of educated mushroom hunters. They teach you which ones are edible and which ones are not, very important to know! Play it safe and only eat store bought mushrooms or better yet get our iron ones just to admire in your garden. I wonder why god made some of them safe to eat and some of them not? I have collected a few vintage field guide books covering fungi, they have beautiful illustrations and fascinating history including their medicinal uses. The mushroom has been a part of man's life for a very long time. With todays rain showers I am sure in a few days I will find some beauties popping up around the garden~Jacque


cindee said...

Great mushrooms! James does a great job cutting freehand. I thought he had a plasma cutter. I always wanted one of those!
My dad has been welding all his life. He doesn't do crafts though. I keep telling him he should try making some fun stuff instead of always fixing things(-: My brother is the welding crafter in the family.

Heidi said...

It is so nice to find other gardeners as yourself. I am trying to bring more of the gardening aspect to my store. Have a great Easter with your loved ones. Heidi


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