Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upcycled Yard Art

I love the way James can take materials that have served their purpose and then give them a new life, one that is of beauty and enjoyment. This metal grid worked hard at it's job, doing what it was intended shouldn't it be given a second chance? My mom would laugh if she read this, I was one of those kids that was sure rocks had feelings, there were other kids that think that too, right! Anyway too much information..... These wall planters/anything holders are very unique. Each one is different, the metals history decides how it will look. Any style garden or home can display this item because of it's industrial, rusty, primitive, yet modern design. The star is just one of the shapes we also have birds, nest, hearts and those without a shape. Well we are off to the scrap pile to find more deserving metal....~Jacque


Butterfly Gardener said...

I love the little planter! We "rescue" lots of items and give them a new purpose. Its fun to be creative and see what you can make!

cindee said...

That is awesome! I love the star too! I love stars and collect them!(-: Have fun scrappin' in the scrap pile!(-:

Plant Freak said...

I just love all your creations!


little red house


James Enjoying The Lake!


Me Happy to Be!


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