Thursday, April 9, 2009

Junkers Heaven!

Oh my rust loving heart be still! This is the kind of pile that every junker dreams of, oh the possibilities. No this is not in my back yard, I do have my limits, they are small but they are limits! I love to dig in a pile like this and pull some wonderful no name object and ask James can we do anything with this? Because people can get a good price for scrap metals these days so much of this wonderful stuff is being collected up and being taken to yards where they destroy it and recycle the metal. I like the idea of recycling and support the benefits, but it sure is nice to have first chance at turning some of these wonderful things into something new and creative. The industrial look is becoming more popular in garden and home decor, I like mixing rusty and hard with soft textures and neutral colors. Happiness is a big pile of rusty junk! Tell later~Jacque


Darla said...

Wish I were that creative!

TheVintageHusband said...

that's so funny. I have a scrap yard behind work, and I'm always looking over the fence for something cool!

cindee said...

I see a wheel part there? I have one that I set a bowling ball on. It works great(-: I love digging around and finding cool stuff to re use(-:

Artsy Fartsy said...

Love the pile of scraps, I would love to dig in and fine somthings to create some pendants!! Thanks fo rstopping by my blog, Many Blessings, Janna


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