Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Dreams

     Today is the first day of fall, the temp is cool, there is a breeze in the air and somehow I have become not only highly motivated but very excited about the months ahead.  Season changes always feel like a fresh beginning and I love fresh beginnings.  Our last garden gathering was a lot of fun, I so appreciate all of you that come and your participation in sharing my fun.  I realize at times that gardening can seem to slip back in the shadows, but really when I started this my intent wasn't to study and talk about planting and soil amendments, it was to find ways to enjoy our homes and gardens in creative ways as well as focus on the good things in life. Everyday I read, explore and experience interesting things and enjoy sharing little bits of that along the way.
     We will be selling at the Sac Antiques Show also known as the WX Antique Fair, the second Sun., Oct.12th if you are not familiar you can look it up at, or email me and I will send you directions. The show has become very popular and is a good place to run into several of your favorite shop owners selling their wares.  This may be our last time to be there this year because the weather will start to dictate if we are outside or not, so I will be bringing my vintage Christmas and holiday items, as well as new garden items that we find daily!  
     The next Creative Gardener Gathering will be Weds. October 22nd at 6 p.m. I will also have vintage Christmas  as well as my own handmade creations, The holidays are the time of year that I still enjoy getting out the glue and glitter.
By request this is from the last newsletter;

     As the leaves begin to fall they show us a whole world of not only architecture, but art as well.  One of my favorite things about fall is the unveiling of all the beautiful bird nest that were hidden in the trees.  Vacant from their spring flurry of activity, they are all sizes, shapes and adorned with the many materials available from near and far...string, ribbon, dryer lint and animal fur wrapped perfectly in twigs.  The resourceful and artistic charm of the birds is ours to enjoy while the trees sleep. 

     Last night I made a big ol list of things I want to accomplish before the new month starts, so off to start my list, have fun, enjoy all you choose to do and choose only things you enjoy! Jacque

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