Friday, August 31, 2012

1965 Land Yacht Airstream Trailer

We have had her for awhile, but just never got around to fixing her up and placing her at her new home. She is our little guest house at our home on the Oregon Coast. She is a beauty and we had nothing short of fun getting her ready. She was in pretty good shape for her age, though neglected for a few years and needing a good cleaning and some beach style it took us about two weeks to get her ready for the voyage up north.

Of course I had to add some beachy touches, but comfort and ease of care were top priority in my choices. We tore out the carpet, went down to the wood floors and gave them a good couple coats of paint. No curtains in the front half, sunshine sunshine sunshine. I did add a few removable bamboo shades for when a little privacy and shade are needed. We removed the built in beds/sofa and added a small love seat from IKEA, This was the best way to get a love seat through the door, we built it in inside. It has washable slip covers and a bunch of comfy feather pillows to lounge on. We put down a few easy care sisal rugs and added a few luxury touches to make it comfy.

The back half, which is where the bedroom and bath are located we closed off with a nice drape also from IKEA, easy care, and very natural looking textile... it drapes to and on the floor which looks great, but when we stayed in it our little dog kept getting tangled up in the curtain so....

Shiny, shiny, shiny.... I love the aluminum! She actually could use some elbow grease shining, but I kind of like her aged patina as well.
We had to make one of our famous Spoon Tags for her... the little trailer stamp is so cute... we make these custom for trailer owners, so check us out on our business page Old Soul Studios if you would like us to make you one.
On our way to her new home we took her camping at Patrick's Point State park here in California. We decorated the camp site and her... it was a lot of fun. I like a little Boho too!
And there she is in the woods looking all perfect. I love her! It was such a fun project and one more wonderful part of "Living The Dream". Thanks for coming a long and letting me share... until next time Happy Gardening~ Jacque


Helen said...

Ah Jacque, I love older trailers and campers. We have fixed up quite a few in our days, but never an airstream. It looks fabulous, I love the loveseat idea, those dinettes are never comfortable.

creekside rummager said...

Fun to see. I hope to see more.


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