Monday, June 20, 2011


The Northern Coast gardens are known for their beautiful Rhododendrons. When we spotted this very large tree on our new property we couldn't wait for Spring so we could see how it would bloom.
Needless to say we were not disappointed! This huge tree has bursted with very large beautiful blooms. They started out with a little pink around the edges and then became these pure white puffs of loveliness!
I was so happy! I love white flowers and they just pop in the plush green garden... it really is a sight to see.
These beautiful plants grow wild along the the coast line... we are very grateful to have one in our garden.
This picture shows how they started out with pink edges, it was very pretty at this stage as well. We also have a bright red one that needed a little care... but I am sure by next Spring it too will be bursting with beauty. Can you tell I am really loving this garden! Happy cultivating everyone... with my hands in the dirt ~ Jacque


Bonnie said...

Just beautiful. The white ones look almost like clouds.

Rebecca said...

Yes! I can tell :)

Seven Gates Farm said...

I have never had any luck with rhododendron. I am so jealous of your beautiful color. Really so pretty. Debi

creekside rummager said...


Shirley said...

Your rhododendron is superb! Thanks for sharing!


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