Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visiting a Friends Rose Garden

Recently while visiting a new friend I was intrigued by the beauty of their rose garden. They told the story of how many years ago they moved and dug up the roses and brought them with them to this home, where they now had lived for many decades.
I quickly noticed that several ladybugs were enjoying the roses as well, and it started me looking at them from a ladybugs view... I think the neighbors of my friend may have thought it was odd to see me almost standing on my head to view the roses as I thought the ladybugs might see them.
The fragrance was intoxicating, and even though I suffer from allergies this time of year, I forgot about the discomfort and enjoyed the moment... can ladybugs smell? just wondering...
To see such beautiful colors is such a gift, nothing can be matched to nature's beauty!

I must have taken forty pictures of the rose garden and it was very difficult to choose which to share with you, all special, all beautiful. I am not a photographer, I don't have a fancy camera, or know how to use the one I have very well, but I sure did enjoy trying to capture some of the experience of seeing the world from a ladybugs view, be sweet~ Jacque


creekside rummager said...

Oh they are SO beautiful. I love roses. I finished tearing the wallpaper off the bedroom today and beginning to paint. I am TIRED. I've got to come and visit you so I can stop working.

KK said...

The roses are so beautiful and you did great capturing the beauty with your camera!

rockriverstitches said...

Beautiful Roses!!!



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