Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Places Just Have That Special Feel...

Hi everyone, welcome back, I hope all is going well for you and the gardeners have had a chance to get dirty! James and I took a little drive to deliver product to this lovely store The Antique Gardener, Aimee the owner has purchased from us for some time but she has always came to our house, this time I wanted James to see this beautiful store and I had not had the pleasure of visiting in a long time. I snapped a few pictures of the great garden space she has behind the store... chairs, lemonade, I was ready to stay awhile!
The garden is sweet with a little rustic country charm, showing a variety of plants and flowers that can be purchased for your own gardens. The herbs smell lovely and the flowers are all celebrating the return of spring.
I loved this old canister filled with flowers, the contrast of the purple flowers with the orange can popped... there are wonderful creative garden ideas everywhere you look.
This is just the back garden, if this hasn't inspired you to dig in the dirt then wait until you explore the inside of the store! I didn't want to ruin the excitement when you visit so I am not giving away the surprises of all the beautiful and inspiring displays inside. The store is large and filled with wonderful antiques & vintage inspired things for your home, family and garden.
The Antique Gardener is located in Beautiful Historic Sutter Creek California. You can learn more about Aimee and her store by going here I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour, we sure enjoyed our visit and hope to return soon.~ Jacque


Rebecca said...

This place DOES have that "special feel"! Thanks for featuring it. At the price of gas, it would be an expensive road trip for me....but it's definitely tempting :)

the vintage bricoleur said...

I have been wanting to visit Aimee's Store for some time now. It all looks so pretty ! Maybe sometime this summer. Thanks for sharing Jacque. Terry

Darla said...

How charming!

~~Carol~~ said...

This looks like my kind of place! I love planting in unusual containers and putting out of the ordinary "art" in my gardens. This store looks like it offers tons of inspiration!

Jill said...

The Antique Gardener is my absolute favorite store in Sutter Creek! Love it! I definitely need to get up there more often~ it's always so inspiring.

creekside rummager said...

Hi Jacque - yes it is a very cute shop. I've visited it even when it was in Amador City. Thanks for the ironstone info. I hope things have slowed down a tiny bit for you two.

myomyohi said...

So quaint and homey. Thanks for taking us along. I enjoyed it.


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