Monday, October 11, 2010

Atelier de Campagne

We had a wonderful time visiting friends this past weekend, Trinidad and Johan had their annual container sale at their charming estate near Santa Cruz. They collect up all kinds of wonderful antiques in Belgium and parts of France and bring them over here for all of us to delight in. They have a wonderful collection of metal baskets of every shape and size, many that were used years ago in the fishing industry. Beautiful furniture, mirrors, signs, lamps and architectural pieces of grand proportion. All this is displayed through out the grounds of a charming little home where the gardens are overflowing with amazing succulents and flowers. The pictures speak for them selves. You can visit our friend's web site for future information on sales and where else you can find their wonderful treasures at


Darla said...

Thanks for sending me to that website. What a treat, they have some spectacular items.

atelier de campagne said...

Hey dear friends, I keep forgetting to post on your site. Thank you so much for having written about us. We hope to see you soon. Things are getting quite busy for us so not sure we can go to the concert but please call us when you're in town.



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