Sunday, October 31, 2010

as the seasons change

The seasons change so quickly, it isn't the holiday decorations in the stores that tell us so, or the events surrounding our traditions, it is our garden. The time to prune and prepare the garden for winter has arrived. The seasons are brief, we enjoy each one, our own lives are lived in seasons. We find ourselves changing as the garden changes, how we spend our time, how we dress, and how we eat all change with the garden. Our garden in our world is where we can bring nature in close so we can observe it daily, watch as it changes, see the perfect order of things. As the sun changes it's path across the sky my garden is a whole new master piece of God's creation with just a little help from us. May you enjoy the changes that are this new season... Happy Autumn!


Tufa Girl said...

I love your collections of hose holders and such!

creekside rummager said...

Your garden still looks great. Colors seem to be slowly coming this fall.

Darla said...

It is best to embrace each season change.


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