Monday, August 23, 2010

Supporting Farmers Markets

We recently came upon a wonderful farmers market! I was very impressed... smack in the middle of the little community of Arcata is a plaza where on Saturdays it is bursting with energy! The energy you get from fresh organic produce, bright cheery flowers, up beat yet relaxing music and a very large crowd of friendly and yes polite people. This was by far the best farmers market I have ever found. I purchased a bundle of radishes that were so beautiful they could be used as a bouquet. The choices were unlimited and the quality top notch. Supporting our local farmers not only improves your health with better food choices but every time we spend a dollar we vote for what we want. I want fresh, healthy foods that are organic, free of poisons and non GMO! These local farmers are our only chance to continue to have a choice. If you are near the Arcata area I highly recommend a visit to this market... you will be happy you did!
The plaza in Arcata CA... the market circles all around this beautiful area
every farmer's stand was bright fresh and beautiful
fun plant growers as well
picking flowers for my mom, so many beautiful choices!


Sue said...

I love Farmer's markets. Most of our really good ones here are on the week-ends and I'm working. We do, however, have a tiny little Farmer's market by my store on Thursday. Need to get over there and get myself some fresh flowers!

Take care, Sue

Rebecca said...

Happy for Arcata! It DOES look like a great market. We have small markets and many Amish farmers who market their produce during the growing season. I feel blessed to live where I do and a commitment to do MY part in helping these endeavors succeed!

Kevin L. Hoover said...

And it looks like you caught our Farmers' Market before it really got going. By 11 a.m., there's a band going, jugglers, kids running around and often as not some kind of performance art event.

We have another one on Tuesday afternoons as well.

Tamara Jansen said...

Is there anything better than a good Farmer's Market?! I'd love to get one started here on our farm one day. Lots of red tape to organize though.


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