Monday, July 19, 2010

"Keyute" Pendents!

Named by a our friend Jodi these are one of our latest items available through Old Soul Studios. James had a big jar of old keys, I had a big jar of old keys, we got married and now we have to do something with all those keys! So you all get to benefit from our collecting habit... we have taken the keys and stamped small words on them, added a few fun charms and hung them on a stainless steel ball chain. Come join us on Face Book under Old Soul Studios and see more of what we have been creating! To HOT to garden so let the creating begin...


RustyClover said...

Keyute play on words!!!! So creative.
GGreat to see you two on Sunday, I love my lucky jar! Katy

Angela said...

They are indeed, "keyute". I really like them!!

creekside rummager said...

Too "keyute" a name not to mention how fun and cute the necklaces are. I forgot to tell you today that I am really enjoying wearing the spoon that was on the dome. I like to feel it too.

Tufa Girl said...

I love these! I wish I was close enough to shop at the shows. Do anything on line?

Random Things and Our Family Life said...

Such a good idea!!


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James Enjoying The Lake!


Me Happy to Be!


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