Thursday, May 13, 2010

Succulents & Cacti

Our green house is full of succulents and cacti. As the weather continues to become more summer like we begin to move these plants out of the green house and place them throughout our patios and gardens. They require very little care and very little water, great for our warm California summers. Most of them bloom at some point and you have to pay close attention because some of the big beautiful cacti blooms only last one day. We are not very good at knowing their names but we do remember where most of them came from, we love receiving clippings from friends gardens and purchasing plants while on our trips and usually always remember where. If you want to expand on your gardening experience give these wonderful plants a try, we sure do enjoy growing them~ Jacque & James


Sue said...

Succulents are really popular here right now as well. Probably since SoCal doesn't know how to conserve water! We are a "talented" group down here! I've got a bunch in my house right now and love them. I love the color on yours, awesome!

Take care, Sue

Darla said...

These type of plants are very interesting to me. Trying a few more.

Anonymous said...
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RustyClover said...

Lovely blooms!!!!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How beautiful and I love those blooms. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Love your collection. I saw the link from Cactus Jungle. I just posted some photos of my succulents and cacti on my blog. I'm like you, I often forget the names, but I always remember where I got these wonderful plants & cuttings.


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