Friday, May 21, 2010

I have something to say...

Greetings, I usually post some pictures and comment on their content, but today I have something to say. I am not sure how it will evolve into words from my thoughts, I just know the idea has been popping up here and there. The Universe is funny that way! For starters or maybe I could say finishers (the last thing that prompted me) is the following, let me explain first. I receive on a daily basis a note from the Universe, it is a fun little e-mail that brings wonderful little thoughts and ideas to those that choose to subscribe to it, I actually look forward to receiving mine each day and find the synchronization to my daily happenings uncanny. Today's says as follows;

Throughout the hallowed ages, Jacque, those in the unseen have always marveled at the accomplishments and creations of humankind. Whether a sandcastle or a skyscraper; a painting or a poem; they're humbled by your ability to reflect, to engineer, to craft, and to create something that has never before existed within time and space.

But it's not the creation that impresses; these all exist here to the nth degree. It's the persistence and determination of the seemingly mortal dreamer who steadfastly holds a new thought in mind, either of the creation or of its inevitable success, and moves with it, even while the rest of the world is content dreaming their father's dreams.

This is what is admired, Jacque; not just because it's so rare, but because it is so, even when such innovative potential lies within all.

Being in the creative business world for the past 23 years I can say I have experienced many things and learned many things. I am still learning. Lately I have encountered many in the same industry heavily concerned with protecting what is "theirs". With our ability to express ourselves more widely due to all the Internet possibilities, i.e. Facebook, blogs, websites and such there is a much larger (then I've ever seen) influx of idea sharing, those welcomed and those that are not, meaning out right copying and claiming ownership of others ideas. Old subject, I know. My note from the Universe today, made me realize the prize is in the authenticity of creating, having that little story inside you that you know came from what inspired you and triggered your original idea. Anyone and I mean "Anyone" can copy someone else's ideas, and sell millions of them, but do they really get the prize... 

Dream your own dream, live your own dream, be inspired by all that is around you and get the prize that comes with authenticity. 


Sue said...

Perfectly said! This business as a side to it that always isn't the most pleasant. But when you know what is real, what is in your heart and soul, the rest just doesn't matter. Thank you sharing today, I truly enjoyed reading it!

Take care, Sue

Clinton Watson said...

Hugo and I thank you!

GardenGirl said...

Well said! It's all about creative integrity...and what comes from inside. It's so easy to go with the rest of the sheep, and so many do. I've always colored outside the lines. Thanks for being a voice, love it!

Deb @ Garden Party

K910athrinA_Petrin0 said...
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ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...
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bonnies junk in the trunk said...

you always inspire me ... hugs!


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