Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indoor Play!

Most everyone knows I love to garden, spend a lot of time at the ocean and over all choose most of my activities out doors. But what you may not know is I have an indoor passion as well. I enjoy collecting and working with vintage paper of all kinds and have been collecting objects for assemblage art for many years. My studio is packed with jars, boxes, trays and cubbies full of all the fun and wonderful things to create with. I seldom spend time working with these things, but when I am unable to get outdoors my studio with all these fun things is where I like to be. 
This small space becomes cluttered on a regular basis, as I accumulate new treasures it may take a while before I get to put them in their right places, I guess that is something you deal with when you collect. I find that having these things around inspires me, who knows where the next idea will come from... this is one more way I get through the winter and less gardening season.~Jacque                                                                           


Darla said...

Let's see some of your creations.

言風 said...
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Sue said...

Great photos and collections! Thanks for the pixs. And your garden below, wow, totally awesome. Mine sucks right now and I can't believe I let it get so very sad looking. I need to get out there and show some love!
Take care, Sue

RustyClover said...

I have the same problem. but mine never seem to get put in their spot and get buried deep under the junk! Did I say that out loud! Wish we all had more time to create. Someone famous said "imagination is greater than knowledge." Or something like that. Hope to see you soon. ~Katy

Romeo said...

WOW! I can so VERY MUCH relate to this post! Seems like each time I get the studio and office straightened and worry of outside eyes, I go and find something else to add to my decor or collection. And like you it may take a few days before I find a place for it. In the meantime, ideas start and multiply like little rabbits! I am so happy to know I am in good company! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Deborah, mom of Romeo


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