Friday, May 22, 2009

Sharing Paradise

Yesterday in the clean coolness of a beautiful morning James and I were honored with a tour of a friends home and garden. I stepped out of the truck and was captured immediately by the sound of the creeks water rushing and singing, I am serious it was singing! Oh what a great place! It was peace and excitement all wrapped in one. As we were escorted through the property there were wonderful collections of all the things I love, all pleasantly displayed showing not a designers touch, but love, experiences, and a home enjoyed and ran by inspiration... everything was just beautiful. Every where we walked there were wonderful inviting places to sit, I just keep wanting to sit, listen and pet the dog, I knew if I sat down I would never get up! We ended our tour by me getting to choose some treasures from the soon to be yard sale stash, wait till you see what I got! A day later I wish I would have thought to take pictures, I was to busy taking it all in. My friend Lani always remembers to take pictures when she comes to visit us, she then kindly shares them with me. The photo I have posted she took a few nights ago in my back yard, I love the views she captures of our place. I don't have pictures of our wonderful tour but I can share her blog site with you: be sure to drop by and tell her hello. Thank you Lani for your friendship and the wonderful tour~Jacque


Random Things and Our Family Life said...

That is so nice! I want to come over an photograph your yard...soon!! My girlies will love exploring and looking for bugs and worms. :)

creekside rummager said...

Thank you Jacque for the beautiful words about your and James vist with us yesterday. We loved having you here. Lani

Raggedy Angel said...

Oh I just found your blog and I had to get a tissue to wipe my mouth because I was drooling over your pictures! I just love it...I am going to your older post too. I am redoing....well everything in my house and yard...and I love pictures and post like yours....they keep me fired up!!!! Beth


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