Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving Yard Art

I really enjoy movement in my yard. I have several yard art pieces that move in the wind. These old turbines mounted on iron stands are some of my favorites. I have three of them thanks to James. They have wonderful patinas of rust, green and weathered galvanized metal. Salvaged items can make the most interesting art.
Do you have anything in your yard that is made from salvage?


Meg said...

I too just love salvage rusty old found stuff in the garden! The opening page of my blog Vintage Garden Home.blogspot.com is an old frame from a gas tank which I put a broken little bird bath on. I smile each time I see it, and it is truly art in the garden. All Happy Days!! Meg

CiNdEe said...

I really like the turbine. I would love one in my yard too(-: I have an old cat fan blade. The thing is so heavy it takes two people to lift it almost! Anyhow I am going to beg my dad or brother to weld it to a pole so I can stand it in my garden. It will look like a giant sunflower. It even has rusty yellow paint(-:

Darla said...

Those are very nice and so pretty when they spin.

Tootsie said...

I salvage pretty much anything! my window boxes are from old barn boards...the windows from old houses...these are the best things to use...that way no one else has the same things you do!
I like the moving yard art! great idea!
please consider signing up for Fertilizer Friday....this week! Love to have you!


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