Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Gathering Next week!

I have been so busy I am late getting the newsletters in the mail for the next Creative Gardener Gathering. Newsletters will go out tomorrow! We have been doing a lot of events and then of course we have to take small trips to replenish all the goods. James is very busy not only working but also creating new iron art and of course helping with all the many projects that I come up with throughout the week. We have had our Aunt Alice visiting, we love Alice she is so spirited, she inspires me. The garden is always calling me and then there is all the rest of it! You know what I mean, and yes I want to do it all! The Creative Gardener Gathering is Weds May 20th @6:30 p.m., if you have not for some reason received your newsletter and want one feel free to contact me. Hope you are all having fun in your gardens, see you soon. (P.S. this is an old picture, I haven't put stuff together yet for next week!)~Jacque 


Tootsie said...

have a great weekend friend...try to take a little time to

Jean Tuthill said...

It sounds like a great gathering, have fun. I have given you a Bella Award...come by and check it out.

TheVintageHusband said...

tag your it


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James Enjoying The Lake!


Me Happy to Be!


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