Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is New?

     This Sunday, the 12th we are selling at the Second Sunday Flea Market again, we are located in space M23, we will have a large variety of things , mostly vintage and a few new creations, we have been having such a great time finding new treasures and they just seem to be around every corner, I'm sure you will find something you have to have! Be sure to drop by and say Hi, let us know if there is anything you are looking for or any custom iron work we can do for you.
     Next we are having our October Creative Gardeners gathering it will be on Weds. the 22nd.  This months newsletter will be sent out some time this next week.  The weather will begin to be unpredictable but I believe we will be able to have gatherings for a couple more months (cross your toes for no rain on wednesdays!) Better get busy if we are going to wow all ya with  great stuff, thanks for stopping by.
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Curtis said...

J & J -
Glad we got to see you at the WX Antique Fair last weekend, and found some great scissors and a BIG letter V, of course for Vintagehouse....A little warm in the sun, but overall, we had a blast walking around and found (of course-its in our blood) some goodies to take home too! Anyway, looking forward to the 22nd next Wed and coming down to see you both!! Hope you still have some great Hallo'ween stuff left over?
Until Then,
Curtis & Michael
Vintagehouse Nursery Co.
Yuba City, Cal.


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