Monday, October 20, 2008

October Garden Gathering!

     I spent the entire day working and deciding what  to bring out and display for this month's gathering,  I am so limited on space and want to show it all, but at this time we just can't.  When we move we are going to have a big barn where we can have several events a year and they will be much bigger! Shhh, I am not sure James knows all that yet!  Anyway I think I chose some great things, a little Halloween, a little Vintage Christmas, a lot of Garden and for all our rust -aholic friends, plenty of rusty treasures.  Working in the back yard I have a lot of close up entertainment, the squirrels are very busy storing food for the winter, not a single pot has went un=touched, every spring I have walnut, pecan and oak trees growing in the oddest places.  They sure are fun to watch, and at one time I saw 9 of them throughout the back yard.  They are all different colors and sizes, like a squirrel buffet!


The Tattered House said...

Hello our sweet friend. Welcome to the world of blogging. You're off to a great start. We can't wait to read and see what you have in store for us.

Sandy and I need to get over and see you soon.


Curtis said...

Dear J & J -
Again, Another Wonderful evening spent visiting with our great friends!! We REALLY needed to get out and come down and see you both, Even better than just a moment at the SacAntFair 2 wks ago. We can totally appreciate ALL your efforts and energy spent working SO hard in making the place very magical just for us, we totally appreciate it very much!! We would have stayed longer, but we had our drive home too. We would have LOVED to see it ALL brought out, but I know your limited on space...So are we, and we STILL bought TONS more stuff to bring home....Which we enjoyed, just like Christmas, unpacking and looking at each item, and talking about each thing with a story of how we picked it out! What a high!! Haha!!
Thank you for allowing me to take some pix that I will be emailing you as soon as I download them and then you can have a special section dedicated to your followers who have taken pix of you, your stuff etc. and post it on your blog!! What a fun idea!!
But I will email you later with some more Q's, about stuff, later.
Thank you again, for a wonderful evening, enjoyed spending time with you guys, and getting some goodies from you both!!
Cute Little Possum, coming towards your garden as we were leaving!!
Oh, the votives set around for ambience was delightful, and sets the mood for cool Autumn nights!!
We will check back for more Blog stories, that you have in store for us in the future!!
You should posts things that happened at each event too! Like tonight about Good Stuff things, sources, books, words, sayings etc. I know others will like it, but as you know, "WE GET EACH OTHER"!!
Hugs, (which I forgot to give you!) Thanking you for having a shoulder to lean on, during these hard times)
Best Hallo'ween Wishes,
Curtis & Michael
(Yes! This is #2 comments on your Blog!!) not that I will be keeping track, cause, as you can tell, I love writing!!

Anne the Cat Lady said...

Hello Jacque,
Thank you for the lovely evening last night. Your home and garden were beautiful as usual! I always take home wonderful ideas! Looking forward to next month's gathering!



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