Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a Merry Christmas Time...

I enjoy including touches of garden in my holiday decorating and rather then solely decorate for Christmas I enjoy decorating for the winter season so I can continue to enjoy them all the way up until spring. The little porch on the front of this little cottage home is usually my first place of interest. We have a few primitive pieces that are always eager to hold the latest seasons decor. I usually just gather new things from around the yard and add a few clippings from the garden.
Most of you have already been introduced to our little chalkboard on the porch, we have fun using to express our selves during each season. For this time of year I just simply wrote the words "Merry & Bright"... just the way we want the house to feel.
My second favorite place to show touches from the garden is in the little garden bay window in the kitchen. It almost always has a collection of flower frogs, watering cans, plants and other treasures from the garden. I relocated one of my favorite concrete angels to watch over things.
Sometimes it is the smallest things that bring us the most joy, I had a page fall from a vintage book I was handling and it floated around the house from here to there for a few days always having the intent to replace it to the book. Somehow it ended up near my holiday stamps and I couldn't help myself! Soon it was folded and stamped with "Merry Christmas" and added to a flower frog on the windows ledge... very small but lots of joy!
Thanks for coming along as I share some of the fun I have been having adding little touches of garden and Christmas to our home. Wishing you all joy and fun as you celebrate this beautiful season of love, may your days be Merry & Bright!


The Cranky Queen said...

Love the chalkboard on your purse and the angel with the added "bling"! Merry Christmas to you...come over and visit me at my blog palace...u may enjoy seeing the "nature's nativity" Christmas tree. Tiffany

Rebecca said...

I SO agree that "it is the smallest things that bring us the most joy"! Your vignettes are absolutely charming!

Fullerton Arboretum said...

Love the chalkboard!


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