Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer is Moving Along So Fast...

Hi everyone and welcome back, oh wait, it was me that was gone! Well hello again and thanks for dropping by. Last week was a whirl wind and that momentum seems to be keeping pace. We are busy planning and preparing for our fall schedule of shows and juggling the needs of our two houses. This week will involve putting in another raised bed, long over due, to accommodate our winter garden. Our desire is to expand on the idea of producing most of our own food and the gardens need a boost right now. 
This picture shows one of our raised beds in the early spring, right now they are overtaken by tomato plants! We decided last year to do away with the common wood framed beds and make new ones using concrete. This is a very affordable way to create a bed and they don't rot!
Here is another (spring) picture showing the beds. We are able to create an ample amount of excellent soil to fill the beds so they are able to produce an optimum harvest with very little space. We lined the bottom to control tree roots and weeds from finding their way in, and installed a drip system to water efficiently. The next bed is going to included pipes inserted in the four corners so as to be used to hold garden art, or a trellis in the future.
Sunflowers watch over the garden until fall and the tomatoes have pretty much taken over the entire plot so as summer moves along faster and faster we will be busy putting in the next bed for our winter garden. A  friend (thanks Sherry) just recently lent me the book "The Bucolic Plague" which is about The Beekman Boys, it was inspiring to read about their adventures in gardening. This book is a lot of fun to read, we don't watch television so I was not familiar with them and their show... almost makes me want to get tv! This winter we hope to move one step closer to producing more of our own food. Happy gardening everyone ~ Jacque


Darla said...

Ya'll are so smart! I credit the not having a t.v.

atelier de campagne said...

I want some sunflowers! The gophers eat mine!
How are you dear? I am hoping you two will be around this weekend. I know you said your honey is away. Will you be home? Will he be back? On my way to see momma!


Sue said...

I am SO jealous! I have the smallest garden ever and would love to have raised beds. I love the old tin on the building in the background.

Take care, Sue

GardenofDaisies said...

Concrete sides to the raised beds!! Genius! Your sunflowers are gorgeous!!


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