Monday, August 29, 2011

Camera Settings Can Change The Way We See Things

I have been playing around with my camera settings and the photo options on my computer and it inspires me to continue working towards a new camera and maybe even something more advance like a "photoshop" program. I take a lot of pictures of flowers at both of our gardens, I like doing a photo journal of the gardens and what is blooming when and where. We have a lot of white flowers at both houses and I was just playing around with the pictures. After you see them you may encourage me to stop, ha!, but I think it can be fun to see things from a different view.
This is the Rhododendron in Oregon. It is such a bright white that it glows in the dark. The blooms are the size of a dinner plate and the bush/tree is as tall as the house.
This is a Fuchsia, it is located right outside the front door in Oregon. There are several of them on the property, they thrive in the cool wet climate and grow to be very large bushes.
This is a Snow Ball bush, I don't know its scientific name. We actually have one at each house. This is the one in Oregon. The bush in OR is pretty small and produced a lot of very large blooms. The bush in CA is much larger and produced one bloom, its first in ten years. Needless to say I was very excited to get that one bloom!
My Easter Lilly was in a pot in CA and it bloomed in July, and boy did it bloom! It was so beautiful this year. I am going to plant a bunch of these up in the foresty part of our land and let them grow wild, I have been told the deer will not eat them (?).
And here are my daisies, I love white daisies. These are blooming in Ca... I am pretty sure the deer would love them so there probably will be no daisies in OR :( That's OK I will just have to have vases of them all over the house! Well those are a few of my white flower pictures. I did several things to the pictures to get this look. Sepia is orange to me so I didn't do that, but altering them to look a little older and make the white "pop" was kind of fun. Best part is the altering is not permanent, I can change them back to original any time I want... don't you just love technology.  Happy Gardening ~ Jacque


creekside rummager said...

They all look really good but the Lily and the Daisy photos are really beautiful.

Sue said...

I love ALL of your photos. And as you know, I'm so jealous of all of your gardens! I just have my tiny square to garden on but it is still something. I too want a new camera, but need to find the time and money to justify it. Thanks for the great photos!

Take care, Sue

Debi@7Gates said...

Lovely photos.


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