Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Garden Show

These are photos of some of the things we have created or found to inspire our customers to garden or at least enjoy being in the garden.
We love to garden and so many of our creations and vintage rustic items either have to do with gardening or such as the above dresser... we added faucet turn knobs to a piece that would ordinarily be used in the bedroom and now what a great garden shed organizer!
Anything that moves with the breeze is a welcome sight in the garden... or put a pretty green plant into anything rustic and I think it is instant beauty!
We are known for our peace signs that we have created from just about anything we could salvage that is round... and even some things that weren't round, but they are now! PEACE *LOVE *GARDEN...
Taking old cast iron sinks and creating garden pieces that not only look good but are very functional. Hope this inspires you to decorate and spend more time in the garden or maybe even style a garden room in your home. Our business is Old Soul Studios... we love what we do and hope you do too!


Rebecca said...

I ♥ what you do! It DOES inspire me! Thanks for sharing. I wish you much success at your spring garden show(s).

Jester said...

OH you have such cool beautiful stuff!!!!!!<3

Darla said...

What very neat things you it!


little red house


James Enjoying The Lake!


Me Happy to Be!


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