Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Put Your Eggs...

Don't put your eggs all in one basket! Have you ever heard that expression? Of course you have... growing up we had chickens and we had eggs, beautiful, colorful eggs. Before school in the morning we could go out a collect the eggs... they were still warm.
I don't have chickens, not yet anyway, but I do have egg baskets, 18 of them! Many are shaped like chickens, some are round. Now and then and not as often as I should, they need to be cleaned. That is what is going on here, egg basket cleaning... they accumulate dust just like all household items and need a good bath now and then.
These baskets were very easy to find when the "country" look was popular, now I don't see them very often. I think they are lovely and would go well in a vintage french inspired decor... I think I might re-model my kitchen!


Random Things and Our Family Life said...

Cute...I told you we're raising 4 baby chicks right now. In 4-6 months we'll start getting eggs! The girls are so excited! :)

creekside rummager said...

Oh Boy - you are thinking of redoing the kitchen ----- Sounds like another project. I know you need another project.

Darla said...

They are fantastic and if I had one it would house a plant in the garden!


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