Friday, February 4, 2011

In Anticipation of Spring

Being a native of California I have lived my entire life in mild weather conditions. Our seasons come in little bites. Though not covered in snow or layered by ice or chilling in rigid temps we still long for the warm, sunny and beautiful days of Spring. Each season has beauty to offer, but I am a flowers girl and Spring brings me flowers! The bulbs are starting to pop from the cold earth, buds are already forming on the trees and bushes that seem to of just recently dropped their leaves. Some people dream of the season changes by the fashions in the mall, others like me, by the flowers in the nurseries. Plan your gardens now in anticipation for Spring and may you all have flowers in your life ~ Jacque


Sue said...

What a great photo, I love daffidils, if I could spell the word correctly! When we had a warm spell in December, my flowers started blooming. One of the perks for living in CA!

Take care, Sue

Barbara Jean said...

o fun. beautiful sunshine and daffodils


barbara jean

creekside rummager said...

Very cute picture. We went to Petaluma yesterday. Your selling cubbie at the Cottage shop looked great - of course.

Darla said...

What a cute container!!

Anonymous said...

Love the daffodils in that rusty container...I am a new follower & really like your blog. You inspire me to go dig in the dirt. Louisiana born & raised and now living in Alabama...spring comes early to us too...Visit me sometimes at my blog. Tiff


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