Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Gardens

The garden has begun to show signs of Fall and there is much work to be done. Pre-winter clean-up is on the list. This time of year many of our trees need to be trimmed, spent annuals need to be removed and perennials need to be cut back. The leaves are already beginning to fall... and we have a lot of leaves! Winter vegetables need to planted and the herb garden needs a facelift, want to make sure I have fresh herbs for all the crock pot soups and stews that are our favorite during this time of year. Succulents need to be moved into the greenhouse to avoid over watering and possible freezing. Looks like I am using my blog to make a to-do-list! No, just thought I might remind you all of the things you to may want to do before the winter sets in. Of course we all have different chores depending on where we garden, we are in a very mild climate here in California where gardening comes pretty easy, but there is alway that chance of being buried alive in leaves! EnJOY the season... they go by so quickly.


Darla said...

Great reminders's interesting to me how different climates have such different pre-winter chores. North Florida is quite easy too.

Sue said...

LOVE the picture. My garden has turned into a jungle and soooo needs my attention! Now if I could only find some spare time.

Take care, Sue

creekside rummager said...

Yes, I've begun the same process. It's been fun beginning to put my succulents in the greenhouse. 1st fall for it.


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