Friday, January 8, 2010


A soft warm neutral palette with touches of sky blue, grey and moss green. Nature is the inspiration for the look and style I want to bring our customers this new year. Shell, wood, stone, and metal will be the elements of choice. Every thing is energy, and that energy affects the way we feel. The choices we make for the things we have around us affect us in many ways, visually of course but also in ways we may not be aware of. There have been many wonderful scientific discoveries on this idea, one very good reading source on the subject is "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins. This book was brought to my attention by Dr.Wayne Dyer. Decorating our space is a fun and inspiring part of life, having them assist in creating comfort and joy is a big bonus! It will be so much fun for us this year using this idea as a guide as we pick and choose the items to offer to our customers. May all the things in your environment bring you comfort and joy.~Jacque 


Faded Charm said...

I love this look and color palette. Best of luck to you in 2010!


Sue said...

I'm loving all your pictures. It is like looking at a magazine. I just sit at my computer and stare! Thanks for the eye candy once again.
Take care, Sue

creekside rummager said...

Thanks Jacque for the great pics and memories. I am looking everywhere for inspiration right now. I hurt my back and am more immobile than I care to be and it is persisting in being cold and damp outside. I hobble out to the greenhouse and stand for a few minutes each day. Won't make it to the WX this month.


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