Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winterizing the Garden

After the first storm of the season we have had a full day of cleaning up. Branches and derbis everywhere, mother nature did a lot of pruning. The green house made it through some very strong winds... always a concern! The next winterizing task is to attack the green house getting it ready for the cold rainy season. We grow a large amount and variety of succulents and cacti which can not survive our rain outdoors and will freeze during our rare yet possible freezing nights. Space is an issue when it comes to the green house. In case you hadn't notice from reading my post I am a collector and green house collections are one of my favorites. The plants have to share space with collections of old tools, sprinklers, water cans, signs, packaging of old gardening elements, seed boxes, buckets, pots, pots and more pots... you get the idea. This past summer our plant population has increased so I have to get in the green house and try to "re-decorate" to make room for more plants. Each season brings new jobs to do in the garden, it is a never ending wonderful adventure. What are you having to do in your garden where you live? ~Jacque


CiNdEe said...

I love your little table(-: That is so cool(-:
We had that same storm here and I haven't had time to get out to pick up after it! Branches are all over the place and leaves etc. It was pretty wild! I love the rain though so I won't complain at all!!!!(-:
I will move some of my delicate cactus into the bbq barn for the winter. I wish I had a greenhouse!!!

Urban Green said...

Ah! Can totally imagine. What a cute little place. You have got a nice collection of cacti and succulents. Good luck with winterizing!

creekside rummager said...

Us to. It took me 2 hrs just to clear branches off the deck and walkways and bag them. Sometimes it is warmer at this time of year, not that I'm complaining, it just meant that plants had to be moved earlier, along with summer furniture. It was a great fall start. The fire risk sign went from "Extreme" to "Low" in 1 day.


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