Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honey did you mow the driveway?

When on our coastal trips we like to walk around in neighborhoods and check out peoples gardens while looking for houses for sale. On our last trip this was one of our favorites! Is it a garden gone wild or just a driveway in need of a good trim? And yes someone was living there. We got a big kick out of it, especially since it is in an area where we see a lot of very cute gardens. I have a feeling the garage is not being used, at least not to park any cars. If you are a gardener you may want to set aside sometime on your next trip or even in your own neck of the woods to walk around and admire the gardens of others it can be a very inspiring and sometimes entertaining activity. Have a great weekend and get your driveways mowed people!~Jacque


Tootsie said...

that looks like a weed mess to me!!! how sad that people don't take the time to at least maintain or attempt to clean up their is the first thing you see when you arrive to their homes!!!
it could be a fabulous garden gone very sad!!!

Barb said...

I won't complaining about our yard needs now!! Makes mine look pretty good.

Thanks for coming by for a visit, and leaving such a nice comment.

Look forward to knowing you better.
Barbara Jean

CiNdEe said...

I guess they didn't want anyone parking in their driveway! It needs a lot of work. That is another reason they are not doing anything. Sometimes a wild mess like that is overwhelming! I am sure at one time they had great plans to have it looking good!


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