Thursday, April 30, 2009

French Laundry

I have never been to France, nor have I ever done laundry there but it sure has been fun collecting various vintage items and combining them under my new theme "French Laundry".  When I sell at shows I like to plan themes and choose items to display together to create a certain look, I guess this comes from creating displays for my store for so many years. This new look has been doing very well at shows and there are so many possibilities of ways to accomplish my theme. Laundry has never been so romantic, stylish, and pure. I wonder as my customers choose treasures from my offerings, will they use them as I have suggested in my displays or do they have some great creative ideas of their own. This new French Laundry theme has been fun and successful but I like to present something different every time my wares are shown, so I am busy dreaming up some new themes and hunting for new treasures. Castles keep coming to mind, regal and rich, royal and velvet, or how about ..... better not give out all my secrets. Until later~Jacque  (photo provided by my friend Lani, she loyally takes pictures of all my goods)


PleasantGirls said...

You know I love this new look of yours. I wonder if you will take on this look after painting your living room....hmmmm???!!!

Sweet Repose said...

What a great idea...this is a perfect look and theme for a corner in our new shop, it's so much fun to start anew...different location and different folk...what an adventure!!!
Have fun with your themes!


creekside rummager said...

Did you ever see the old French Laundry building on the road going out of Petaluma toward Bodega? It has lapsed into poor condition in the last few years, but I have a pic of it from 10 or 12 years ago when it looked better. I post in on my blog for you to see. Lani

creekside rummager said...

Thanks for your post. I had to tell you that the Santa Monica Antique Market got dropped off our agenda. We went to the Getty (which we were so looing forward to on Fri) and they said we couldn't park our RV because we had a dog. There is no where else to park. Everything else is marked 'no Getty parking.' So that threw us off and we decided LA was too much and we high-tailed it back to Morro. We've had a great time doing lots of beach time. Lani

David said...

I like the way you used the white vignette on this photo.


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