Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Soles

Yesterday I was able to get out and mow my front lawn for the first time since November. I love that first day when I show my garden "I'm back", and you will be seeing a lot more of me. Touring all areas I discovered many signs of the return of spring. The wild violets that were started from a plant in my dear grandmothers yard (her favorites) are returning in all there glory. Every year they come back more beautiful. The forget-me-nots came from my sisters yard and I will transplanting a few of them! Because I plant my spring bulbs at different times I usually get blooms throughout the spring season, some are starting to bloom right now. The trees have all begun to bud, the dog wood whom we rescued from the wisteria looks like it will make it and even give us some pretty. There is a lot of gardening to be done so I've got my patio candles out and ready to go, I love putting the sun to bed at night with me in dirty gloves and green soles from the fresh cut grass.


Design Well, Live Well's ECO-BOUTIQUE said...

LOVE IT! Green soles...very cute!


cindee said...

I love that fresh cut grass smell too!!!!! It does not love me though. I have asthma and that is one of the big things I am allergic to. I still mow the lawn though. I just have to be more careful. I love when the lawn is finished and I can stand back and admire the whole yard(-: I have not done that first mowing yet. I might do it this weekend(-:


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