Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daffodil Thrill!

This turkey feeder planted with large yellow daffodils was one of my favorite features in James's yard. Now it is in my yard! I like unusual garden features with a rustic charm. I guess it comes from growing up in the country. My parents were gardeners, their gardens were always beautiful and they grew a large portion of our food. There was always a place in the garden where I could go to read a book or just sit with a cat on my lap. I grew up in a wonderful place, I appreciate it a lot more now then I did back then, funny how that happens.... I toast to memories of gardens past and to the dreams of those yet to be created, oops! I almost spilled my wine~Jacque


Tootsie said...

you lucky gardener!!! I love this idea...I think I will be heading to my parents farm to raid their farmyard!!!!!
just so pretty thanks for the new idea!

Melissa said...

How fun! Beautiful daffodils. I just had three daffodils bloom this week, and I stand there and stare at them every day. Happy spring!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Jacque, thanks so much for stopping by. I too first saw Linda and Ludmil in the CH mag and loved their style. We corresponded through email and then she said she was interested in moving to Texas. At they time they lived in Washington. Well it's been a little over a year and they've made theirselves home here. They haven't been in Burton very long, but you couldn't tell by all they've created, you would think they've been there years. I'll post pics of their beautiful place. Have a great Friday, Theresa

Darla said...

That is adorable!!! Don't spill the wine, you know that's alcohol abuse!

Susan S. said...

I LOVE your garden and all the unexpected things in it. That's just my style....PS: Watch out and don't spill a drop of that precious WINE...!!!

Design Well, Live Well's ECO-BOUTIQUE said...

I KNOW I'm going to love your place! Honestly, we really share that country garden with rustic remnants look! You're so rustically fabulous! (that's a big compliment! ha ha)

cindee said...

How did I miss this? That is so cute. I keep going to plant my feeders and I still haven't. I must do that for next year. I just have chicken feeders though not as big as the turkey one. Very pretty!!!!

Artsy Fartsy said...

LOVE that Turkey feeder, I now have to be on the lookout for one of those!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Have a Blessed week, Janna


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