Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Gardens for my Cats

We grow grass in large flower pots for our cats, when this pot was brought in from the green house "Kit" our oldest decided her baby sister wasn't going to get any!  She climbed right in and sat on top of the whole pot looking at me with that look that all cat mommies know.  She may be just missing the garden and Spring as much as the rest of us. May you all soon enjoy the green green grass of home.... Jacque


cindee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all your metal crafts. Everything is so cool(-: I really enjoyed my visit and I am going to add you to my blog list(-:

Plant Freak said...

I've lost many a plant to a Kittymonster just like that!

Sue Jackson said...

Hey Jacque,
I loved hearing about your house and how you've decorated it. Should post some pix's when you have time. Now is such a great time to "recycle" and it gives our homes such a unique look. I LOVE the picture of your kitty. I have eight cats, all rescues and four are big, fat tabby's! I was talking to a customer yesterday at work. We have a jar on the counter for our local SPCA. I was telling her I haven't rescued a kitty in a long time, but with eight right now, its a bit much. But, when one needs a home, I'm sure it will come my way! Nice hearing from you. Take care, Sue

deb did it said...

Jacque, you are my blog me please so i can mail you your prize! heritagehaus@yahoo.ocom

Our Family Life said...

Oh that Kit Kat...she can be a real stinker! ;) Cute Jacque~


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